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The Galiano family has passed through three generations before Giuliano Galiano, the young and brilliant businessman who has created one of the most eclectic lines of luxury sneakers, that are appreciated and renowned all over the world.

It’s a family tradition since 1925 thanks to a vocation for the footwear industry; the family values go through many years and are embodied by Giuliano Galiano, young entrepreneur and heir.

It’s a tradition that has its roots in the work of Giuliano’s grandfather, the first one to create refined handmade shoes in his workshop in southern Italy.

His iconic sneakers, unique in their genre, are the symbol of the Made in Italy excellence. The production process, from design to final realization, is entirely made in Italy, using the best industry professionals.

Italian design, created and developed by Giuliano Galiano, Italian craftsmen, Italian talent and creativity.

Each sneaker is a piece of art, it’s the purest form of creativity that becomes a symbol of modernity thanks to the skilled hands of Italian shoemakers who make every single shoe in order to create an absolutely unique piece.

The raw materials are chosen with a very accurate selection process, which selects only the most excellent materials, in order to make dreams come into reality. The leather comes from Florence, which is the best district in the world in terms of leather. For some of the most exclusive sneakers we use also crocodile and python leather, coming from the world’s best suppliers.

The manufacturing and realization process lasts, for each pair, from three to four hours. Each detail, from the binding to the cutting of the upper, is entirely handmade. The production and realization process is handmade by very qualified Italian craftsman with more than 30 years experience.

The attention to detail is the symbol of style, each item is a true work of art. Giuliano Galiano, creative genius and talented businessman, follows personally each step of the sneakers production in order to guarantee that each product is absolutely unique.

The brand is admired all over the world. Giuliano Galiano sneakers are loved by international rappers, such as Rick Ross, French Montana and also by the most important sportsmen.

A Giuliano Galiano sneaker is not just a shoe, is a piece of art to wear.

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